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Customer Service

Product Warranty Information

Parafrog Airsoft offers a 14 day warranty on all products. The 14 day warranty offered by Parafrog Airsoft covers manufacturer¿s defects and in-house modifications only.
Any alteration or modification to any product by any person other than those authorized by Parafrog Airsoft voids and cancels the Parafrog Airsoft Warranty.
Parafrog Airsoft is not responsible for normal manufacturing variances. Nor will Parafrog Airsoft be liable for any damage resulting from improper shipment, storage, or use of products


1 If a Manufacturer offers a warranty, that warranty and policies there in will supersede those offered by Parafrog Airsoft.*

2. BB¿s, Gas, or any other consumable product are not covered by the 14 day warranty period

3. Individual internal replacement, or upgrade parts are not covered by the 14 day warranty period.

* For warranty information on KWA products please visit www.kwausa.com, for warranty information on Classic Army products please visit www.spartanimports.com, For warranty information on ECHO 1 products please visit www.echo1usa.com.

Product Return Policies

If you are not happy with your purchase, you may contact us for return information within three days of the delivery date. Any returned merchandise must be returned in unused condition with all original packing materials, manuals, and paperwork. All acceptable returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Product return shipping costs are not covered by Parafrog Airsoft.

For information on returning merchandise please contact us at returns@parafrogairsoft.com.

Parafrog Airsoft Policies

You MUST be 18 years or older, or 21 years or older in certain areas, to place an order with Parafrog Airsoft. Parafrog Airsoft is not responsible for any order placed in an area where airsoft ownership is restricted. Please research laws pertaining to ownership of airsoft guns in your area before placing an order. Neither Parafrog Airsoft nor its employees will be held liable for damages or injuries caused by, but not limited, to end users¿ improper usage or use with out adult supervision. Neither Parafrog Airsoft nor its employees are liable for any violation of end users¿ local laws and regulations. Parafrog Airsoft and its employees will not be held liable for any damages, claims, penalties, legal actions, or any other obligations arising from end users¿ ownership or usage of any merchandise sold by Parafrog Airsoft. Prices and products are subject to change with out prior notice; furthermore, Parafrog Airsoft reserves the right to deny service to anyone for any reason with out prior notification. Parafrog Airsoft reserves the right to change any part of this agreement at any time.

Orange Tip Required

Airsoft weapons can sometimes look very realistic and could easily be mistaken for a real weapon. To avoid such confusion, all airsoft weapons are required to have a vibrant orange tip no shorter than six (6) millimeters from the end of the muzzle. Any tampering with the required orange tip will result in a total void of warranty and could even result in legal consequences.